Culturally rejected, evil upbringing, poorly trained, personality disorder, learning disability, genetic defect and physical injury are all big troubles — for this world.

Still, one big truth that our heavenly Father brings across over and over throughout the Bible is that none of these have to get in the way of Jesus bearing much good fruit through a person! None!

Each of those troubles has proven for many victims to be the very springboards of the good that comes out of them through Jesus. Indeed, such troubles have not kept them from have a good influence on many people.

For example, my friend of nearly 60 years, Karen Wingate, was born legally blind, yet she has been a good preacher’s wife and mother and has written so very much delightful, upbeat fiction and non-fiction, which is widely published because people appreciate it. Only in the last couple of years have medical breakthroughs made it possible for her to see almost normal, which has increased her joy in Jesus 🙂

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