The Broken Relationship

Dr. Ralph Sockman writes about an experience he had while at Niagara Falls, “One clear, cold March day. Wrapped in white winter garments, the falls glistened in the bright sun. As some birds swooped down to snatch a drink from the clear water, Sockman’s companion told how he had seen birds carried over the edge of the precipice. As they dipped down for a drink, tiny droplets of ice would form on their wings. As they returned for additional drinks more ice would weigh down their bodies until they couldn’t rise above the cascading waters. Flapping their wings, the birds would suddenly drop over the falls.” Sin is so serious to God. Just like the birds unaware that each drink was leading them closer to death. We also doom ourselves when we embrace even the smallest of our temptations and choose to sin. Just like the birds if we continue going back for more we to will “drop over the falls.” Genesis chapter 3 shows how our relationship with God was tragically broken. But it also shows us that God always planned to bring us back to Him. The question is Will you choose to be forgiven through Christ? God loves you, so we see that Jesus is God’s plan to restore us back to righteousness. All you have to do is choose to accept Him as Lord and savior.

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