Spirit born

Jesus said (John 3:5-8) of wind: you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; so is everyone who is born of the Spirit. People driven by physical drives see some action of a guy in whom is God’s Spirit and may think: Where’d that come from?!

Indeed, God’s word (Ro.6:4) records being buried with [Jesus] through baptism into death and raised to walk in newness of life.

It doesn’t just happen. Let’s say a guy named Hank hears of God in Jesus governing life. It seems so hard to wrap his mind around. Hank gets more info and starts thinking he might want that. At some point, Hank decides it’s worth entrusting himself to Jesus.

Hank starts by entrusting his physical life into the hands of a Christian who puts him down into baptism’s water. Hank’s physical life can’t last long in that condition. No matter, the baptizer brings him right back up. Such entrusting is just the sort which God is looking for. Hanks sins are forgiven, God’s Spirit moves in and by means of God’s word, the Bible, and the companionship of Jesus’ church, Hank keeps growing so fruitful in God’s ways that some onlookers might ask: Where’d that come from?

The anniversary of Jesus’ resurrection to life is April 16. Be in worship:)

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