Saving Time

Sunday afternoon, I went to visit a dear friend, old in every sense of the word. She and her husband first befriended me in Jesus 46½ years ago on my very first days I was living away from home.

She has faithfully served our Lord Jesus throughout her lifetime in Christian morals, as daughter, as sister, as friend to many, as minister’s wife in whatever congregations her husband ministered to, as mother, as dorm mom as college cook, as house-mom for children separated from their parents and as piano accompanist for worshiping our Lord.

I visited her so she could celebrate the grace of God in Jesus’ atonement with the simple bread and juice of the Lord’s Supper. She graciously ignored her limitations so we could also enjoy visiting about what was going on in our families and in church. I kept thinking: I’m not fully grasping the significance of talking with someone who, Lord willing, will celebrate her 104th birthday this week!

This coming Saturday evening, clocks will spring forward an hour for daylight savings time, but really savings are in how we each amidst our ups and downs keep sprinkle saving grace into other’s lives for hours, days, years, even a century J


Saving Time                                                               March 6, 2017

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