Real Matters

Mountain climbing expert guide Michael Zanger sat in our Hong Kong living room after climbing in the Himalayas and told Joyce and I fascinating accounts. One was actually of leading some super-achievers in their careers up northern California’s Mount Shasta.
One man was having great difficulty breathing. His face color was unusual. Frequent stops for rest did not seem to help. As they continued the climb, his breathing was punctuated by coughing and spitting froth mixed with blood.
To make matters worse, a sudden snowstorm confined them to hastily erected tents. Michael thought the man might die of heart failure. As he lay there, Michael revealed that he had a satellite phone to call for helicopter rescuer.
The man asked: Would you make a personal call for me? Michael thought he thinks he’s critical and wants to speak to his loved ones one last time, so he said: Yes. The man said: Would you call my broker in San Francisco and ask what the value of my shares are today?
Hello? What really matters?! God willing, find out more in my 9:30 a.m. Bible class this Sunday, September 10.

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