Our Shepherd

America’s Civil War ended in 1865. It had destroyed much of what had been built up over centuries. It crippled for life a very high portion of Americans. Another very high portion had been killed in terrible ways. So, the next 30 years were very hard. What got Americans through that hardship?

For starters, they turned to 1 chapter in the Bible like never before. It may still be the world’s best-known Bible chapter. It’s easy to read in 45 seconds. Its poetry beauty is simple. Its reality is as mighty now as when it was written 3 millenniums ago: Psalm 23.

It details all the good that flows from its mighty reality in its 1st 5 words: The Lord is my shepherd.

My: points to you personally in that great relationship.

Shepherd: points to caring management.

The Lord: is actually a translation choice of modest respect such as saying Sir instead of a personal name likeHarry. You see, the original here is the personal name of the only eternal, almighty creator God: Yahweh.

And IS: hints at some of the meaning of the name Yahweh: He is the ever-present One:)


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