Our ministers of prayer are ready to for prayers you e-mail in Jay A. for men’s requests; Barbara P. for women’s requests.

Christians from the first “were continually devoting themselves … to prayer” (Acts 2:42). We aim to be a church of members who devote themselves to prayer.

Prayer isn’t just important. It is a necessity. W e can do more than pray, but not until we have prayed. Why?

1. Christ would have us pray at all times and not lose heart (Luke 18:1).
2. God wants us to have fellowship with Him (1 John 1:3).
3. We can’t love or trust God without knowing Him (1 John 4:7).
4. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective (James 5:16).

End hindrances to praying such as self, busyness, work and sins such as habitual sins (Psalm 66:18), marital sin (1 Peter 3:7), double-mindedness (James 1:5-7), blame (Mark 11:25) and heartlessness (Proverbs 21:13).