I sanctify Christ as Lord because …

(D.Be., a grandfather, a son, a brother and small business owner and manager) … He bought me with His blood when He died on the cross. He made me aware of Himself with my mother’s witness, teaching and love, enabled me to be baptised when I was seven & sheltered me for 68 years never letting me wander too far.

(E.Be., a wife, a grandmother, and try to be His light at my work) … He paid the ultimate price for my salvation by dying on the cross.

(P.Bu., a husband) … He is!

(D.Da., a husband, a father and an encourager) … I am sold out to God and my desire is to grow more like Jesus each day.

(S.Fr., a child of the King, a Royal Priest, an earthly wife, grandma and property manager) … I am set apart, from the world thru Christ as my Savior.

(G.Ja., a forgiven sinner, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend) … he died for me and rose again, and some day I will be with him.

(C.Ke., a wife, great-grandmother and qualified in nursing, house cleaner, chauffeur, hosting) … of his death on the cross for me and all sinners, for his undying love for all.

(C.Ma., a wive, a sinner and a daughter of a king through Jesus Christ my Lord) … Even though I am a sinner and will be until my earthly journey is finished, Jesus my savior loved me enough to pay the price for my salvation.

(L.Me., a single mother and grandmother) … He is my Creator, my God, my Redeemer, and my Savior.

(C.Pe., a widow, a mother, and an Avon dealer) … nothing I could ever say or do on my own could make me worthy of a Home in Heaven.

(K.Ru., wife of 41 years and a child of the Lord) … He is so full in my heart. I take His lead and hear His voice in all my actions. I consider Him in my every breath.

(R.Tr., a foster daughter and a child care worker) … He died on cross for our sins.

(C.Wr., a woman, a wife, a grandmother and an RN) … a loving relative led me to Christ at a time I had no knowledge of my need for a savior. I continue to sanctify Him as Lord through these years, grateful that as other things crumble in this life He remains the Rock for my life.

(S.Wr., a husband, a dad and a physician) … His grace envelopes my life and gives hope for eternity.

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