I am a member of Capitol City Christian Church because …

(D.Be., a husband, a grandfather, a son, a brother, a small business owner & manager) … The Lord directed me to come and assist, no audible voice, just the awareness of the opportunity to serve and the need for older men to be present.

(E.Be., a wife, a grandmother, and try to be His light at my work) … I feel the Lord called me to serve His church at this downtown location.

(P.Bu., a husband) … I am loved there.

(D.Da., a husband, a father and an encourager) … I stay in fellowship with a group of Christ followers that desire to worship God together and share God’s LOVE with others.

(S.Fr., a child of the King, a Royal Priest, an earthly wife, a grandma and property manager) … over 6 years ago, we were called to come and be a part of the new beginning and help the church in anyway needed.

(G.Jo., a forgiven sinner, a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend and a Seasonal Import Buyer) … I love the people.

(C.Ke., a wife, great-grandmother and qualified in nursing, house cleaner, chauffeur, hosting) … of a Bible teaching minister who helps me understand the purpose of my life here on earth, who thru these teachings helps me to hopefully help and encourage others.

(C.Ma., a wife, a sinner, a daughter of a king through jesus Christ my Lord) … we are a small body of believers growing together and holding each other up. We reach out to others.

(L.Me., a single mother and grandmother) … I want to.

(C.Pe., a widow, a mother, and an Avon dealer) … it’s where my heart is, and I feel like I can be of service to Him and my fellow Christians.

(K.Ru., wife of 41 years and a child of the Lord) … I feel such a thread of love, faith, fellowship and connection through this minister, his wife and the entire church family.

(C.Wr., a woman, a wife, a grandmother and an RN) … I am thankful for a church where I can be welcome, fellowship and be fed by the Word. Where doctrine or rules or programs do not replace the teaching of scripture and the simple message of Christ.

(S.Wr., a husband, a dad and a cardiolgoist) … I am inspired each week by the Word.

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