He knows

Psalm 139:1-6 is a section of scripture that focuses on helping us to see and stand in awe of the great and complex nature of God. Within these six verses, we see just how powerful God is. He knows our very thoughts and is guiding us through this life.

God’s vast ability to fully know and understand each and every person on this planet is mindboggling. He knows just how we think, just how we act, and just how we are feeling. What an amazing God we serve who in spite of all our imperfections He still chooses to have the relationship with us.

This should bring encouragement to us knowing that we can place all our trust in Him. God knows us so much more than we know ourselves, and He understands what we truly need within life.

From time to time we tend to forget that He is the one who is actually in control. From time to time we forget that we need to submit to His power and allow Him to carry us through life. We were never meant to go through life without Him. Open up your heart to the amazing life,  changing power of God. He already intimately knows everything about you. He is just now waiting for you to what to know more about Him.

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