Getting A Handle on Spending

Um, I feel weird about this, but we really need groceries. … I am having a time trying to figure out how to get things back to manageable. Overall, we don’t have that many bills, but we got about a month and a half behind and trying to play catch up is hard. … I know that we can get ahead if I could just come up with a plan that is do-able. The worst part is trying to get the rent caught up. … I think that I am feeling overwhelmed and just don’t know how to start. … I don’t mind being the one to deal with the stress of financial problems … I did get that “payday” loan and of course when it comes due I am only going to be able to pay half of it, so I will have to carry the other half and get another $20 finance fee. Sometimes I just freeze with panic and let things get worse which I know is wrong. Sometimes I wish I could just give someone all my money and bills and let them deal with it and just give us both an allowance. Is that wrong?

Let’s start with this:

1. I can appreciate your desire to play down your financial crisis, but I can also see that you are concerned and need quick actions.

2. Be in or stay in the commitment of asking your Heavenly Father daily for your family’s daily provisions and grateful for what He does provide.

3. Recruit a prayer partner to be praying daily for you, too.

4. Trust God and tell your spouse how serious the crisis is.

5. Prioritize: At the expense of other things, bring up to date the most important bill not to have jerked away from you: home? Car? Utilities?

6. Graciously decline from helping anybody until your bills are up-to-date.

7. I have a “Winco” gift card to give you. That is a start.

8. Attached to it is a budget planning sheet that I would like to take 10 minutes to talk you through how to use.

May you know the joy of Christ working you through this.

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