Founders Revival

The word revival may be in disrepute since cheaters apply revival to their pompous nonsense and psychological trickery. They rip revival away from clear Bible teaching of Jesus’ valuable gift and from sincere and serious urging to entrust selves to Jesus.

Nothing so revives persons, households, families, neighborhoods and workplaces like a revival assuring them of sins’ hell destiny and of being saved by Lord Jesus. It shrivels ignorance about Jesus and heartless apathy. It drains away floods of godless evil and ethnic prejudices. It gives purpose for actively fruitful living. So many many Boiseans need revival.

Nothing so revives former Christians and Jesus’ church fervor for Him as its members’ caring and active revival push to inform and connect friends to Him. It refreshes and reminds members. It unifies brotherhood in Jesus by lifting their hearts, minds and actions from mix-ups, trivial pursuits, pains and squabbles up to fulfill His terrific purposes in His own words.

Since Jesus can supply and since our church can do, we are amidst such a push: Founders Revival. Lord willing, it will crest in 3 open meetings with guest speaker Scott Saltsman at 7:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday(August 25 & 26) and 10:45 a.m. (August 27)! The 3 meetings are to include godly friendliness, uplifting singing, historic insights, lively childcare and food samplers 🙂

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