Hello Parents!

Just wanted to let you know that the dates to say the memory verses for camp scholarships is coming up quick! To avoid taking up too much time, I have 3 Sundays this year available for saying memory verses.
However, I am only taking 3-4 students per Sunday (if we get a influx of more students, I can make more time available). So, I need you to let me know when you would like your student to say verses. Also be aware, that we might end up going longer than usual those Sundays due to saying the memory verse. Also, if you don’t give me a date, it will go by first come first serve basis (so first 3-4 kids can go one Sunday, the rest will have to wait).
Also, due to having time to get the scholarships to camp, we cannot accept memory verses after May 5th. If for some reason your student is unavailable on the date provided, please let me know and we can make arrangements.
The dates available are:
April 21st (4 slots available)
April 28th (3 slots available)
May 5th (4 slots available)
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Happy Monday!

I hope everyone enjoyed the sun while we had it last week! Yesterday was a wonderful time having potluck with you all and enjoying an incredible message from Acts 9 that was given my our wonderful Pastor Quentin. If you missed it, check out the Facebook page ( CLICK HERE! ) to watch it!
Can you all believe that EASTER is coming?! Family Sunday for April will be moved to Easter (April 21st) so that everyone can participate in the Easter service as a family.
Don’t forget EASTER EXPERIENCE & EGG HUNT is a little under 3 weeks away – Saturday April 13th from 12pm-3pm! Don’t forget to “EGG” your neighbor with an Easter Egg invitation (if you need more invitations don’t hesitate to ask)! If you want more information about the event or egging someone let me know!
Have a blessed week!