about us

Answers to common questions                                                                  

by senior minister Gary Anderson 11/20/2015

Why should we choose Capitol City Christian from so many churches?

We seek to rely on Jesus over our impulses so as to mature in usefulness. We are committed to the Bible as God’s daily guidance. We care and are definitely not a crowd you can slip into unnoticed. We truly want to get to know you.

What is your denominational affiliation?

Our church is fully self-governing under Jesus with no denominational headquarters. We come from a strong legacy of avoiding trappings that denominate Christians from each other, of just being Christians, though not the only Christians, of holding to nothing except to the Lord Jesus as God’s Son, as Christ, as alone Savior, of having no book regulating us but the Bible, and as Christians did in it: of having new believers come soon up out of the waters of baptism and of celebrating the Lord’s Supper at least the first day of each week.

Are you an intergenerational church?

Our median age matches Boise’s population. We have an ADOPT a Timothy program to build godly relationships between grandparent and grandchild generations.

Is your worship contemporary or traditional?

Yes! Isaac William’s team offers a fine pipe-organist 1 Sunday a month and a retired performance pianist another. The rest are godly songs better known to collegians.

Are your women’s and men’s ministries vibrant and active?

Linda M. is our volunteer women’s minister. They have annual retreats, weekly morning Bible studies, monthly breakfasts and fun nights. Greg M. is our volunteer men’s minister. They cooperate in meeting needs and in activities, and a handful enjoy a Friday breakfast together with their Bibles.

How large a part does prayer plays in what you do?

There’s room to improve. I try to start each day in prayer. I can’t think of any church meeting or meal not including prayer. Someone generally prays with or for each person getting diapers or a handout. Requests and praises are in each bulletin. Men’s and women’s prayer warriors and a monthly prayer group pray for requests, and requests go out on our e-mail prayer chain.

Do you have anything for college age?

A dozen+ collegians regularly worship with us. Many serve with us. Our worship minister is Boise Bible College’s student body president.

What do you have for children?

Andrew Bullock’s team has Sunday morning Bible classes for all ages at 9:30 and children’s worship at 10:45. A teen group meets upstairs in our building at 6:30pm Wednesdays.

How important is local and global missions to you?

It is daily on my mind. My wife and I served Christ in Hong Kong 18 years. I’ve taught parts of cross-cultural church planting often to classes from dozens of church backgrounds. I’ve advised and our church encouraged Treasure Valley congregations of Chinese, Sundanese and Russian-speaking. Nearly half our collegians attended an International Conference on Missions in October. 6+ mother tongues attend our English worship.

Our biggest giving beyond ourselves is to North India Christian Mission. We also give to a Bible translator for Thailand’s deaf, to Gideons International, to a Bible evidences ministry in Ukraine, to a church planter in Ireland, to gospel radio broadcasting abroad and to a Christian mentor of young men in Zimbabwe. One member presides over an effective Haitian mission. Our Formation Alcove has news on other mission we admire that people can take.

We locally support Boise Bible College, Christian Children’s Ranch, Christian Retirement Village, Intermountain Christian Camp and are LOVE IN the NAME of CHRIST’s diaper depot. Our people weekly get 100s of packages of Franz bread to area food banks. We offer good, hot meal in our basement each Thursday free to Boise High School students.