As I write, today is the 1st day of spring J I sense clues to desires to do rising up in myself and in other people.

Just in time for that, Quentin Byers brought us a vital lesson from God’s Word (James 1:19-25) on Sunday. We have been misfits and rascals like many through whom Jesus had done well. He through this lesson guides our energies into doing what is right with Him: receptive, listening, picking the right words with care and being caring to just GET IT DONE!

This church’s active, adult members will vote on calling Quentin to be our Senior Minister after worship on March 26 while I continue actively serving Jesus through this congregation as long as He allows.

Members are those who publicly confess Jesus as saving Lord, have been baptized by immersion into Jesus Christ and asked to be this church’s member. Adult members are at least 18 years old. Active members have taken the Lord’s Supper with this congregation at least 13 of the last 26 weeks.

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