Schools are letting out for summer breaks. Families are planning vacation trips.

Just suppose your trip energizes your family instead of wearing them out. Suppose it enriches them instead of running up debt that takes a year to pay off. Suppose it enhances the family instead of dividing it.

1000+years before Jesus, El-kanah each year took his family on a God-centered trip (1 Samuel 1:3-5). The end result turned his nation upward. As boy Jesus grew, His parents did the same (Luke 2:41). You can too! Here’s a few ideas:

Take along Bibles for brief, mealtime reading. Encourage Jesus-centered words often from each family member.

Check out from the church Christian music CDs and Christian movie DVDs for in the car and motel rooms.

Give of yourselves to some Christian ministry as part of your vacation.

Join Jesus’ church wherever you are at each week for the Lord’s Supper.


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